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Harry Gorski-Brown is a musician and audio-visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally from Stirling, he studied violin performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a large focus on performing contemporary classical music - especially the music of his peers, alongside composing himself with a particular focus on electroacoustic music. Having grown up learning to speak and sing in Gaelic alongside playing traditional music on bagpipes and fiddle, he creates music and art stemming from these forms, whilst informing his approach by use of contemporary performance techniques.


Since graduating in 2019, he has worked as a performer and composer for various projects with other creatives from around Scotland. Currently he performs regularly with and for Shetland saxophonist Norman Willmore and Scots singer Quinie, playing small pipes and fiddle. His own duos include, Josiah & Ludwig, which began in 2016 with guitarist Andrew Herrington - creating original music based on traditional and folk forms and tales. They were BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominees in 2018 and have been creating a long-form album which is due to be realised in the coming year. Noise Pocket is an experimental pop duo he formed with wordsmith Patrick Shand, which Harry currently produces music and videos for, alongside their live audio-visual show.


Beyond his work with other creatives, Harry creates his own work which utilises electroacoustic and audio-visual techniques combined with whatever interests him at the time. Recent notable shows of work include a solo performance at Sonica of his film, I.Been a badboy:- cut me loose_ , a performance at nonclassical’s Battle of of the Bands under his pseudonym FRIENDLY BOOTS, and with Quinie at Counterflows and An Tobar on the Isle of Mull.


Upcoming projects include further performances and album releases with current groups. He will be working with Quinie on a new album of songs, producing an album of Gaelic songs for release with Glasgow based label GLARC, and a new commission with French artist Annabelle Playe, commissioned by Cryptic and supported by Diaphonique in Glasgow featuring bagpipes and synthesisers. Harry will also be releasing a recent project, Fisher Price Pipes in video and audio form with a performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival this year as part of their shorts.

Quinie+HGB@Counterflows Credit: Dawid Laskowski

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